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My Application!!

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My Application!! Empty My Application!!

Post  Anna_Daniel on Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:36 pm

Heyo! Its Anna_Daniel again coming back for round 2! When i first applied you told me i had not played on the server for that long but now here i am with the most powerful faction and i have tons more server life hours. I hope you will listen to me for a second time. Smile (I'm going to keep this short and sweet!)

Minecraft Name: Anna_Daniel (Real name is Anna believe it or not)
Age: 14
Years On Minecraft: 3
Why I Want to Apply:
Like i said before i really want to improve spawn there is so much i could do like add shops, parkour, mob arena, and improve the look of it. Also i do some mad pixel art and i think the server would look great with it! Lastly i am always on and can always be there to help out a player having trouble with hackers or if the server needs something done i can do it!
Hope I can have some positive feedback!

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