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Admin or Head-Admin application by Ninja2248

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Admin or Head-Admin application by Ninja2248 Empty Admin or Head-Admin application by Ninja2248

Post  ninja2248 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:39 pm

IRL Name: Joey
IGN: ninja2248
Age: 14
Skype: jmerrick19
Applying for: Administrator position

My experience: I have lots of experience when it comes to staff, having owned my own server which was very popular, as well as being staff on many servers and even Co-Owner on many servers, I am very good with your basic server plugins and can really help out with the server I know what to do when I see rule breakers. Punish them.

Why would you like to be part of your staff?

Hello my name is joey. There are many reasons why I would like to be staff but here are a few. One reason is that i want to make sure that all rules are being enforced and none are being broken. Also I want to be able to help out with any major projects or anything that is going to take place on the server. Another reason is that I have been staff many times and know what the responsibility is to being part of staff. You have to make sure that you don't abuse your powers at any point because if you do that will result in a derank. I'm a very well respectful player that respects everyone especially fellow staff members. I love to help out people and I love to build. I'm a pretty good builder, and I’m really good at pixel and pretty good at mansions so if you need any help building anything you can always count on me. Well I’m a very trustworthy player and is always nice to everyone. Also I really want to make sure that there is absolutely no hacking at any points while playing on the server. Well this is why I would like to be part of your staff. I have a lot to offer and hope I will be able to share that with you.

Maturity: I am very mature; you can see this from my calm behavior and rare use of constant caps or swear words.

Why pick me? (Other info): I do not abuse my power and I do not give out items and I do not admin abuse as that's just wrong and promotes the wrong sort of atmosphere on your server.


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