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Lee_Daniel's application for admin

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Lee_Daniel's application for admin Empty Lee_Daniel's application for admin

Post  Leedaniel101 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:15 pm

Real name: Lee
IGN: Lee_Daniel
Age: 15
Experience: I have been an admin/moderator on many servers, as well as helping to set up a server with my friends. I am a very fair and honest person, as I have been put in charge of the ban appeals and trials on many servers. I have some great ideas for a possible spawn redesign, as well as improving the pvp system by adding a survival type arena, as well as a classic minecraft game, spleef. I am able to do basic redstone functions, as well as designing interior spaces and landscaping like parks and gardens. I am not a person known to anger quickly, or prone to rash behaviors and actions. I am a very mature and reasonable person, and will not sink into sullen or egotistical rages. I have been on the server for a long enough time that I know how it is run, and a majority of its staff. I will be able to get on much more, as well as be available for email and or Skype calls. My email is , and my Skype name is The_B1ack_Ros3. I have many great ideas for the server, and would very much like to perform them. Thank you for reading all this, and I hope you will consider me to join your staff!



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